19th August / 6-8pm

Exhibition then open:
20th / 21st / 23rd / 24th / 27th / 28th / 29th August
2010 / 1-6pm


showcases new work by Liverpool based artists:

Keiron Finnetty
Hannah Fray
Jack Welsh

This showcase takes it’s departure point from the relationship between our actions within an environment and the impact that these actions have on our way of living.

Each artist has presented their own interpretations on this theme encompassing work that addressees occupied space, the relationship to current or past environment, presence, memory, historical associations and possibility.

Keiron Finnetty, The Den, (mixed media installation) 2010
Keiron Finnetty’s multimedia installation is a representation of a make/shift temporary space. Built from salvaged wood it is reminiscent of a childhood den. The film documents the shelter in an outside location, shot over a period of time in an attempt that it may be occupied, destroyed or simply remain undisturbed.

Hannah Fray, Untitled, (screenprint, stitching on card) 2010
Hannah Fray’s site-specific paper constructs touch upon this exhibition space in one of its former guises. The space has gone through several transitions over time, but there is no visual trace of what the space was previously used for. Hannah has chosen to echo events that occurred in the space when it was used to serve a different purpose.

Jack Welsh, Mnemic Causation Series, (installation) 2010
Jack Welsh draws inspiration from Bertrand Russell’s memory theories to present two installations that employ objects to create simple and site specific forms. These works aim to interrogate the specific relationships that exist between objects, location, memory and time.