EXHIBITION from 29th October to 10th November 2009

Teleportation is supposed to be the transfer of matter from one point to another, more or less instantaneously, either by paranormal means or through technological means. There is no evidence that such a phenomenon exists. Apport is an earlier word used to describe much the same thing. Bilocation is where an individual or object is supposed to be, or appears to be, located in two distinct places at the same instant in time.

Ben Egerton
The Portal / installation / 2009

The sea is connected to my home town, and many other places, people and cultures around the world. Like the sea, time could perhaps be seen as something just as physical, whereby the past is very physically connected to the future, and in quite an organic way. It too is in a constant state of flux; growing, warping, stretching and shrinking as mass, fate or our own freewill change the world. Perhaps nowadays we are influenced into seeing time as a series of instances as it is manifested in film and video, and find it hard to think of our current or future selves as being solidly connected to our past selves.
I imagine the sea or water as being a conduit for premonitory or psychic thought and dreaming. After a recent visit to Venice I was inspired by this city’s connotations with both time and the sea. The patination of Venice exemplifies how time effects solid matter and how the sea infiltrates and connects this city to the rest of time and space.

Nathan Jones and Scott Spencer
To Be Obscure / giclee print / 2009
Museum / giclee print / 2009
The Orphan / digital print / 2009

These poem-artworks with design and settings by Scott Spencer, aim to bring poetry into the gallery space in a meaningful way, expanding on the aesthetic potential of print and experimenting with ways to enlighten images with text. Hopefully each work invites, requires and rewards interrogation, as well as being immediately satisfying to look at. The poems themselves have been selected for their appropriateness to this exhibition, with the multi-lingual element – of Spanish and Italian respectively – referencing the locations at the heart of Markus and Ben’s work. Reflecting the theme of the exhibition, each poem-artwork exists in a kind of ‘bilocation’ across assumed authorships, understandings, and the conflicting approaches me and Scott have brought to the work.

Markus Soukup
To And At A Distance / DVD – video / 10 min / 2009
Apport / Light Box / black metal + blue perspex / 2009

The video material was filmed during a trip to Mexico to participate in the laboratory ‘Who is afraid of the in-between?’ organized by Werner Moebius and Mariella Greil as part of the Prismaforum, which took place in Oaxaca and Mexico City in 2009.
The video explores the phenomenon of the cabin as a moving container in transit. Its movement through space creates another dimension of space and time for the traveller, which is quite different to the dimension of walking speed. The window acts similar to a screen or interface making this different dimension appear. The rapid movement through space creates a fascinating perception, which I tried to capture with the camera. Fast travel could be seen as a means of teleportation creating a kind of displacement for the travelling subject. The still or moving image taken from one place and carried to another place could be understood as a teleportation too.
The light box was built to use it to present the title of the exhibition. The shape of the black metal box suitcase as a symbol of portability appears as to be just opened and left in space